German Scout Danka

Today there is a very spontaneous video from the capital of your German Scout. I had time and the weather was pretty good, so I just wanted to give it a try here in Berlin. So apartment cleaned up a bit and the camera packed. Of course I also had a few notes with me because I wanted to be prepared for everything. So I sneaked through the streets and tried my luck. But unfortunately I either didn't get into the conversation or the ladies immediately searched for the distance in front of the camera. I was really desperate, but I wanted a video and the print had to go out. So I thought I would just walk around the street. It was not without risk with the camera, but I was lucky and German Scout Danka was born.

After about 10 minutes here near the Berlin street line I had the first ladies in front of the camera ready to be filmed. I told her about a great opportunity and that I would like to have a few pictures of her. She agreed and followed me to my apartment. There German Scout Danka could really start.

When I got there I put out a few outfits and she decided on a red corset. Her gorgeous curves fit perfectly and her bust size was about to jump out. So just asked if it would play on the pussy for me. She agreed and shortly afterwards I was able to get naked in her and use it. You can see the whole story now in German Scout Danka!

Video from 07/11/2020

Length: 64:45