German Scout Isabelle

After my last shoot here in Budapest, I sat on the couch in the early evening. The shoot was around noon and worked great. The boredom and lust grabbed me again and I thought I would try it again. Today I had absolutely nothing to lose and I also had a little money with me. The departure was supposed to happen tomorrow, so the plan was to get down on the street again. It was Saturday and I thought I had a good chance that I could win another woman for a casting. And then you know what comes next. One thing to the other, at least in most cases. But even today I should be lucky and right. And German Scout Isabelle was born.

After about 20 minutes here on the streets of Budapest and 5 miserable attempts, I discovered my dream woman. A super milf with perfect body, long blonde hair and super sexy. I just had to speak to her and I was able to convince her to register in my agency. And when she told me that she does a lot of sport, I wanted to see everything and convinced her to come to me. Then German Scout Isabelle really started.

When I arrived she put on a neon green outfit and her body was a dream. Super slim, great bust size and her smile was awesome. We took the first pictures and when she was relaxed she took my thing out of her pants. The saliva just dripped while blowing. And when I drove in blank I used it until it rolled its eyes and got a smooth finish. The absolute madness. Now you can see everything in German Scout Isabelle.

Video from 07/27/2020

Length: 64:52