German Scout Kris

My last day in Budapest, to be more precise, my last evening. Because the next morning I had to fly back to Germany. But I just wanted to try my luck again as a German Scout. The hope was great, but to persuade another woman to shoot with the model trick. It was Saturday evening, there were some people on the road, so why not. So I briefly cleaned the apartment, pocketed money and went down to the street. Of course I had the camera with me again and spoke to one or the other creature here. Unfortunately, they were just under stress or just didn't want to mess with me. But then I was lucky and saw a really tender teen in black jeans. And then German Scout Kris could start.

I saw her right across the street here in Budapest and wanted to try my luck. So camera on and addressed them directly. I was able to persuade her directly from a short shoot with me. She wanted to go to the model file and I wanted her super slim body. So what are you waiting for and German Scout Kris went into the hot phase.

When I got there I put out some outfits and when she undressed in front of me I was flabbergasted. What a delicate body, with small buds, super slim and a really good ass! An absolute dream and I set everything to my goal and it worked. Less than 10 minutes after the first pictures, I sank my best piece deep and bright in her tight pleasure grotto! And you can see it now in German Scout Kris.

Video from 07/29/2020

Length: 59:16