German Scout Nicky

This shoot, which has now gone online, is largely thanks to you. One or the other is probably wondering why. And I'll be happy to explain it to you. Of course, I am always happy to be in contact with you and answer every message. I've been writing with Phil from Saarbrücken for a few months now. And he raved about the locations and the great women there. So at some point I took him at his word and promised that if he showed me the locations, I would do the rest. And we had a deal and a little later I was sitting on the train to Saarbrücken and could hardly wait. And when he got there and checked into the hotel, Phil kept his word. And as a thank you I went on tour with him and 3 great videos were made. The first of these, German Scout Nicky, is now online for you.

I snuck across a parking lot at a museum park here in Saarbrücken and tried my luck. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I got into conversation with 28-year-old Nicky with dreadlocks. And her relaxed nature made it possible that I could offer her a shoot. So we explored the factory premises here and German Scout Nicky could go.

After the first pictures she became more and more relaxed and at some point she was almost naked in front of me. That was really easy today, I thought to myself. And just then she gave me clear indications. And of course I didn't have to ask twice. We were doing it right here on the railing, and construction workers and passers-by walked a few meters beside and without working it. Really really awesome and you can see it now in German Scout Nicky.

Video from 09/17/2020

Length: 67:20