German Scout Lya

There is something slim and super chic for you in this video. I was still in Spain, to be more precise in Barcelona. The weather here is still great and so there is not only culture, but also a lot of skin to see. I booked a nice apartment online with the camera and money. It should go back on the road to win a new face for the German Scout. But today it was really tough and I snuck through the whole city. So after 2 hours I sat down on a bench at the university and just had a look at what was going on. I wasn't lucky there either, but all good things come in threes. And so I got into conversation with the third lady and German Scout Lya was able to go.

Here in Barcelona I started talking to the 20 year old and super slim student Lya. She had time and so I was able to convince her to take pictures for a model sedcard. And after we took the first pictures on the spot, we went to see me. Where German Scout Lya could get really hot.

When I got there, we wanted to take pictures in underwear. And when she was half naked in front of me I made her loosen up. And a little later she had my thing in her mouth and let me pound it bare! A great video German Scout Lya that you shouldn't miss.

Video from November 5th, 2020

Length: 61:10