German Scout Malina

Today is Thursday and as every week you can look forward to a new video from your German Scout. This time I was in Bavaria, to be precise near Augsburg. I was lucky with the weather and it was a really warm day. That is not necessarily to be expected. Unfortunately, due to Corona, I couldn't find any real accommodation to shoot there. But I thought that you can make a virtue out of necessity. So I looked for a lost place. An old factory site where I could turn around if it worked. So I searched the surrounding area and spoke to one or the other lady. Unfortunately without luck, but then I found one that couldn't stand my pocket money again. And that's how German Scout Malina came about.

After wandering around here in Augsburg for 2 hours without luck, I met the 26 year old Malina. She just had a break and I was able to persuade her to add her to my model file. After a few pictures, we met again after work. And that's where German Scout Malina really got going.

We met at a Lost Place and after we took more pictures there it became more and more relaxed. And so I sensed my chance and first touched her. When she responded with a grip on my crotch it was clear where the journey was going. And so I could use them really dirty and bare on the spot! Have a look now in German Scout Malina!

Video from November 19, 2020

Length: 49:46