German Scout Linda del Sol

Today there is something from the sunny side of life for you again. Namely a charming and natural Latina that I found for you. Shortly before the lockdown light I was in Barcelona quickly to shoot one or the other video. Because like every Thursday the German Scout has something for you today. And no way is too far for me and no effort is too great. So quickly booked into an apartment, which was really great, with a terrace, etc. So I was lucky and of course it shouldn't stay that way. So we quickly put up a few lamps, showered and then we went straight onto the streets of Spain. And after a few fruitless attempts, I got into conversation with a natural Latina and German Scout Linda del Sol was ready to go.

I met this of course Latina Linda here in Barcelona after about 30 minutes and a few tries. I was able to convince her to have her registered in my model file. So we took you first pictures on the spot. And then it went to my apartment. German Scout Linda del Sol was able to enter the hot phase there.

When I got there we took more pictures and thanks to my charm she became more and more revealing. And at some point she was bare in front of me with her beautiful ass. I sensed my chance and use it. Just got the thing out and 5 minutes later I put it in it without a condom. A really awesome new experience called German Scout Linda del Sol.

Video from November 26th, 2020

Length: 62:14