German Scout Helena

There is a special Christmas present for you here. I shot the video 2 months ago, but I kept it for myself. And I think now it fits perfectly on Christmas Eve and so you can see it from now on. But I'll tell you what and how you can expect. I was in Spain again for a weekend. To be more precise in Barcelona. I had rented a great apartment online with a roof terrace and lots of space. So quickly set up a provisional set and off we go. In the best weather I was convinced that I should be lucky. My goal was to convince a woman again of pictures for my model card index. Then one thing should come to the other and a great movie should emerge. And after several fruitless attempts, I was lucky. And it could start with German Scout Helena here in Spain.

After 3 unsuccessful attempts here in Barcelona, I got into conversation with a MILF with a heavy bust but a super slim body. I was able to win them over from recordings for my modeling agency, but what happened next was really tough. And German Scout Helena really got going.

She just took out her bust after a few pictures, which was really gorgeous. Shortly afterwards she went down on her knees in a quiet corner and took my best piece in her mouth. What was going on here, I thought to myself. And as soon as I arrived at the apartment, I was allowed to drive into her blank and do everything with her. But it's best to watch the film yourself in German Scout Helena.

Video from December 24th, 2020

Length: 65:26