German Scout Belinda

First of all, I wish you a happy new year 2021 and hope you made it safely. With me everything was relaxed and lockdown compliant. But the new year not only brings changes, but also a highlight for you. Because there is a new video, which not only shakes the cold out of your limbs. No, you will like it in other ways too, I'm more than sure of that. I was in Spain for a few days shortly before the current lockdown. To be more precise in Barcelona. And the days were super successful, as you could already see in the videos before. Today there was a really small Latina MILF who jumped in front of the camera. Actually, I was about to speak to another woman when she ran through the picture. And German Scout Belinda could start right away.

This little Latina MILF just ran through the picture here in Barcelona when I wanted to address a lady. So why not try my luck with her, I thought to myself. And we got talking relatively quickly and I was able to convince her to take pictures for my model card index. And German Scout Belinda was able to enter the hot phase.

When I got there we took pictures and she suddenly grabbed my best piece. That was exactly what I wanted and she sucked right on. Then I was allowed to punch bare holes in them here on the roof terrace and use them hard. You have to see that in German Scout Belinda.

Video from January 4th, 2021

Length: 66:26