German Scout Esperanza

Today there is a video of you that would never have happened with a little less luck. I was in the beautiful Netherlands for 2 days. To be exact in Amsterdam and wanted to be here again for you guys. My last trip here in Amsterdam worked out great and despite Corona I calculated my chances as good. Tourists should be less on the road, but I was right in the red light area. So I hoped that the women who are already on the way are at least relaxed. But at first it didn't work out at all. The weather was wet and cold and really modest, so I wanted to take my last chance. It stipulated that I just move around in the erotic museum. There I could assess whether a woman is relaxed about the topic or not. And just where I started the stalk I was caught by the owner. Thrown straight out of the room, I was really uncomfortable, but I still tried my luck in front of the door. And that's how German Scout Esperanza came about.

Right here in the red light district of Amsterdam I was able to get in touch with a 24 year old student. She looked just like a typical college student. But still waters are deep and often dirty too, I thought to myself. And so I convinced her to come to me for a few pictures for my model portfolio. Now German Scout Esperanza could really start!

When I got there, we took the first pictures and when it came to pictures in underwear, I knew how dirty it would be. She made direct nasty hints and what every gram in the right place. So of course I got involved and after a brass concert I was allowed to drive in blank. She left the glasses on all the time, which made me even more angry until I pasted them all over her. You should definitely see that in German Scout Esperanza.

Video from 02/26/2021

Length: 54:03