German Scout Shorty

There is another new video for you guys that you will definitely like. But briefly about how it came about. I was out and about with a friend in Cologne. And of course I wasn't without ulterior motives this time either. I've been writing on a dating site with a super sexy mouse for a few days now. And we get along great. And we stayed so that when I am in Cologne that I should get in touch with her. And since I was there now, I did it right away. And she was there immediately and we arranged to meet in a quiet corner in the early afternoon. I was already pondering a little whether she would really be there. But she was there, waiting for me sitting on a park bench! And she hadn't promised too much. Super small and with a beautiful face and the bust size was also gorgeous. We decided to go for a walk and German Scout Shorty was ready to go.

So the appointment with Shorty on the portal had already worked out. And after a few steps on the date, she began to pamper my best piece with her mouth. Simply unbelievable, but of course I wanted more. And so I persuaded her to come to the hotel with me. German Scout Shorty could get really dirty there.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was able to really marvel at her insane. And then immediately sink my best piece into it. And she seemed to like it, because she got two violent exits and had a lot to do with her. But you can best see that for yourself in German Scout Shorty.

Video from March 5th, 2020

Length: 55:01