German Scout Lily

A short trip to Spain is actually always possible. At least that's what I thought to myself when I was sitting here in rainy Berlin. Castings were almost impossible in the capital, so I planned the departure. An apartment was booked quickly and a flight to Barcelona was easier than I thought. The corona panic is subsiding more and more and that is a good thing. I wanted to relax for 3 days and come back with at least 2 videos. So the goal was set and after I landed in Spain I went straight to the apartment. Thanks to the Internet, you can actually book anywhere and anytime. Once there, I set up my lights, prepared the camera and pocketed my money. The weather was perfect and I had good hope that it would work. So go straight down and try my luck. And I was lucky and it came to German Scout Lily that day.

So I walked around Barcelona for about 45 minutes and had one rejection after the other. But you can't give up and that should be rewarded today too. So I was able to convince the 36 year old Latina MILF of a few pictures for my model nudes. Then I went to my apartment for everything else. And there German Scout Lily could really get going.

When I got there, I put her underwear out for photos in it. She was super loose and put this on right away. And when she came back she was really wearing an Ouvert Tange. It was clear that one thing leads to another. And not even 5 minutes later she had my best piece in her mouth. And then straight into her tight hole. So we did it really hard. And you can see it now in German Scout Lily.

Video from March 12th, 2021

Länge: 64:38