German Scout Vicky Hundt

Berlin is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, no, it is also very suitable for more. I wanted to be successful in front of my own door again and shoot a video. Traveling is so topical to and fro and you don't know today what is going to happen tomorrow. So I made it up for the next day and got the apartment cleared. It shouldn't fail if the street casting works. The next day I was up early and of course money and camera with me. I set up the light at home and had underwear ready. So it could start and I was sneaking through Berlin. The first rejections were quick and direct. But then I got lucky and got into a conversation with a funky MILF. And German Scout Vicky Hundt could finally go.

I saw this funky MILF from afar and made up my mind to speak to her. It should be a photo shoot for the model nudes. After initial skepticism, I was able to convince her of this and she followed me into my apartment. German Scout Vicky Hundt could really get going there.

When I got there we talked about underwear pictures. And hardly said the MILF stood in front of me in hot lingerie. Now everything went very quickly and after a deep eye contact she asked me to get my thing out. Of course, I was happy to do that and immediately afterwards I was allowed to sink it into the thin woman. A great experience and really dirty. You should definitely see that in German Scout Vicky Hundt.

Video from March 19, 2021

Length: 63:46