German Scout Sabrina

Today there is something for everyone who likes naturally curvy women. And I think there will be quite a few. Because it was a really awesome experience for me too- And of course I don't want to withhold that from you and tell the whole story. I wanted to try my luck in Berlin again that day. It was cold but dry and the sun was shining. So I calculated realistic chances of taking a woman with me with luck and the right words. So I didn't think twice and after I packed the money and the camera it went straight out. I spoke to one after the other, where I thought it might fit. But my luck had run out of luck for almost 90 minutes. Until I saw this curvy MILF who just smiled at me. Now I had smelled a match and wanted to take my chance. And so it started with German Scout Sabrina.

I saw this sexy MILF with great curves here in Berlin and had to speak to her. At first she was puzzled to be approached about a model casting. But then she agreed and after a few pictures I was able to persuade her to come with me to my warm apartment. I think she guessed what it was really about, but I thought that was all the better. And so German Scout Sabrina could be exciting.

When I got there, we took pictures in sexy underwear. And after her look at the bulge in my pants I just took it out. She snapped immediately and let her mouth work incredibly deep. Then I drove bare into her curvy body and had the big ass right in front of me. So I peppered her properly and discharged myself into her MILF face. A super cool film with the title German Scout Sabrina.

Video from April 30th, 2021

Length: 62:53