German Scout Julia Bach

There is something new from your husband again, just in case. Who never gives up and doesn't go home even if he says no. The corona easing is getting more and more and I wanted to travel again. This time it should be Austria. To be more precise, I wanted to go to Vienna and be successful there. So I packed my things and took the plane from Berlin to Vienna. I had booked a room there online and was immediately in good spirits. The weather was good and festivities were even open again. There was a fair with many people nearby. Funny how a new world. But then of course my hope was high that a shoot could turn out to be something. After freshening up, I put the money and camera in my pocket and it went out. I stayed nearby and got into conversation with many women. But it didn't work, but then I should be lucky. And so it came to German Scout Julia Bach.

I saw her here in Vienna at a distance of 50 meters. Curly hair, mini skirt and, small and socks to the knees. I liked that a lot and I approached her directly for a model casting. She was super easy-going and quickly agreed, so we went straight to my hotel. German Scout Julia Bach could really get going there.

When she arrived at the hotel, she made herself comfortable on a chair and I took pictures. Soon she let me look under my skirt too. She discovered the bulge in my pants straight away. With a smile from her, I took him out. In order to sink it into all 3 holes of her a little later. Incredible action that you can now see in German Scout Julia Bach.

Video from 06/06/2021

Length: 36:45