German Scout Bella Angel

After I was successful in Berlin last week, I wanted to get out again this weekend. So think about which city might be suitable for a short trip. And Prague immediately came back to me. I've been here for 2-4 days in the past. You can get there quickly from Berlin and it is affordable. And what is much more important is that almost all of the young women there speak English. And on top of that, many of them are super pretty and easy-going. So the plan was fixed and I was able to book an apartment over the Internet. So nothing should stop me now. And after the car was packed, we set off for our destination on Thursday. When I got there, I checked in straight away and set up a makeshift set. After all, I wanted to be a model agent again. And it all had to fit into the picture if it was to work. And I was in good spirits that it would work because the weather was great. And a lot of people on the streets. So I didn't wait long and after a quick shower I went straight to the hunt. As always, there were cancellations at the beginning, but now I see it as a warm-up phase. So that I am ready when it really starts. And so it should be today and German Scout Bella Angel could start.

I saw her here in a back street in Prague in a summer dress. I could immediately recognize the perfect figure and spoke to her. So I told her about my model auditions. And after a little bit of my persuasion, she agreed. And she follow me to my apartment. German Scout Bella Angel could really get going there.

Once there, we did a short interview. And after a few more pictures there were photos in underwear. So she stood in front of me in blue underwear. She noticed my reaction straight away and when she took it with a smile I knew it was okay. And so it happened and after she sucked my best piece hard I was allowed to drive in bare. A great experience which you can now see in German Scout Bella Angel.

Video from 08/20/2021

Length: 41:51