German Scout Mila D

There is something new for you again from the man who is constantly on the move. Not out of boredom, of course, but to come home with a video for you. This time it went spontaneously from Berlin to Prague. The weather cooperated and an apartment was quickly booked on the Internet. So quickly packed the things and on Friday morning we started. Prague has been worth a trip in the past. And with a little luck, it should be the case this weekend too. After I arrived and temporarily furnished the apartment, it went straight to the street. I was in good spirits and had money in my pocket and my camera with me. So I spoke to woman after woman and told them about my modeling agency. But I wasn't lucky this Friday and it got later and later. Frustrated, I went back to my apartment and decided to try it again for the next day. It can't be that nothing works this time. So I set the alarm for 10 a.m. and was already on the street from 11 a.m. The weather was pretty good and there were women on the way too. After the first refusals, I was expecting something bad again. But then I should be lucky and it came to German Scout Mila D this Saturday.

I saw her in her leggings and crop top here in Prague. After the first run-off, I made another attempt and spoke to her directly. I was able to convince her of my model agency. And after a few pictures on the street, the 26-year-old student followed into my apartment. German Scout Mila D could really get going there.

Once there, we took more pictures and I was able to convince them to show more and more. And so at some point she sat in front of me in red underwear and what had to come came. I got my best piece out and after a short thought she put it in her mouth. Then it went bare in her tight hole and I was allowed to take it really nice. She was so horny that in the end she swallowed my whole load. And you can see that in German Scout Mila D now.

Video from 09/12/2021

Length: 56:03