German Scout Jenny

Super slim and super cute! This is the best way to describe what I got in front of the camera during this shoot. But of course I have to tell the whole story from the start. So that you are in the picture and know what to expect in the video. I stayed here in Prague for a day longer. The weather cooperated and I already had a shot in my pocket. So why stop when things are running, I thought to myself. The extension by one day was not a problem for the landlord. And so I decided to set the alarm again early the next day. Because the day should be successful. And the early bird catches the worm, or the worm is caught ?! Oh what do i know.

In any case, I was up early and after I fixed the room again after the last shoot, it started. It was around 11 a.m. when I was on the street. And of course the camera and some pocket money were also with me. I decided to go towards the train station. The hope was to be able to convince a student or vacationer about a casting. And today, too, I should be lucky with my tactics. And that's how German Scout Jenny came about that day.

I saw the slim mouse in the red dress and suitcase here near the train station. So either she was on vacation or on the run. Both would be ok for me and so I addressed her. She was super easy and so I was able to convince her quickly. I told about my model agency and that I would like to take pictures for my records. She was right there and after a few pictures she came to me. German Scout Jenny could really get going there.

When I got there, she got looser and looser and after a short time she sat in front of me in transparent orange underwear. An absolute dream this slim body and I wanted more soon. She started blinking at me when she saw my erection. And so I just took it out and it rose immediately. And after an oral exam, I was allowed to drive in blank. The little mouse was super tight and so what had to come quickly came. And I discharged myself on her slim stomach. And you can see it in German Scout Jenny now.

Video from 09/19/2021

Length: 37:06