German Scout Rebecca

It is election Sunday and I hope you have already cast your vote. If not quick and then I have something for you. And now comes a little highlight with German Scout Rebecca for you. And the word small is more than appropriate. I was in Prague again, this city won't let me go. Because I've never been there to come back without a video. And so it was this time too, but at first there was only hope. And it was big and so I planned to stay there from Thursday to Saturday yesterday. So quickly booked a room in the center of Prague. After a few hours by train, because I didn't want to drive my car from Berlin this time, I was already there. And I was even lucky with the weather.

Because at the end of September you never know how it will happen, but it played along when I got here on Thursday. So quickly into the apartment and set up a provisional set. That might make it easier if you can come here with a lady. Then I took a shower and I went straight to the streets of Prague. But it was already late and I shouldn't have any luck that day. But I had a lot of plans for Friday and should be lucky this time too. And it came to German Scout Rebecca this Friday.

I was here very early on this Friday in downtown Prague. It was relatively quiet, but one or the other student was out and about. And after a few tries, I got into conversation with this little 24 year old student. I was able to convince her of photos for the model nudes. And a little later we went to my hotel. German Scout Rebecca could really get going there.

Once there, we continued to take pictures. And when I asked the little mouse to show a little more, she was standing right in front of me in her underwear. Oh my god that was naughty I thought to myself. But that came in handy and so one thing led to another. After she showed me her landing strip, she started sucking straight away. Then I rode off naked and let me come after a round from behind in her face. And you can see it in German Scout Rebecca now.

Video from 09/26/2021

Length: 51:08