German Scout Taylee Wood

Today there is a video for all fans of curvy women who still have something in them. But I want to tell you from the beginning. So that you know exactly how this came about and can get an idea. I was here for another day Praha, after I got lucky. Yesterday, Friday, I was able to shoot a video at a street casting. But I had booked 2 nights. And so of course I didn't want to use Saturday to be lazy. No, I wanted to seize the day and go home with two films. So I set the alarm for the morning. Because I was motivated for German Scout Taylee Wood.

And straight after showering and a good breakfast, I tidied up the room again. The new conquest shouldn't know right away what was going on here the day before. That could scare them off straight away and so I made sure that the set was attractive. And then it was ready to go out onto the street. It was still mid-morning when I was on the street in Prague and it was really crowded. The weather was nice and people took to the streets. Those should be good conditions and I was hopeful when I spoke to the first women. I didn't have any luck the first few times I tried, but that's normal. And so I continued and then I got lucky. And that's how it happened that day for German Scout Taylee Wood.

I saw this curvy 21 year old young cutie walking through the streets of Prague. As she walked past, a smile slipped across her lips and that was my starting signal. So straight away I asked her for a few pictures for a model portfolio. She immediately agreed with a sweet smile. And after a few pictures on the spot, we decided to go to my apartment. There German Scout Taylee Wood was able to really get started.

Once there we took more pictures and a short interview. I couldn't take my eyes off her curves. And shortly afterwards she sat almost naked in front of me. And after I had looked closely at her feminine body with her large, real bust, she grabbed my crotch. Then one thing led to another and after a hot blowjob I was allowed to put it in without a condom. I grabbed her everywhere and poured myself right on her big bust! And you can almost see it now in German Scout Taylee Wood.

Video from October 2nd, 2021

Length: 55:57

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