German Scout Julia Juice

There is another new video for you. And this time a 22 year old student from Düsseldorf is in the lead role. And there were many premieres for her at this casting. But I'll tell you from the beginning so that you know the whole story. A friend from the Ruhr area invited me to spend the weekend with him. I am always there and why not the pleasant and useful connection, I thought to myself. So, of course, the camera and some pocket money were back in my luggage. On Thursday evening we went to Düsseldorf by train. There it should come to German Scout Julia Juice.

And after we had relaxed a bit in the evening, I wanted to go on tour on Friday. So I set the alarm clock and my colleague also had to work. So the best conditions for a successful day. And when the sun kissed me in the morning and the weather was really good, everything was perfect. So I quickly freshened up, packed the camera and some money and went straight out. Unfortunately, I didn't know my way around Düsseldorf at all. So at first I wandered around aimlessly in the area. Then I decided to give it a try near a university. There should definitely be something going on there. And that's how I started talking to the first women. But it didn't get beyond small talk. But then I saw a delicate mouse sitting in a meadow. And German Scout Julia Juice could finally go.

She was sitting here at the university in Düsseldorf, reading directly on a meadow. I had to take my chance and approached her about a casting. It should be pictures for my model agency. And after a few nice words, she was there. So I took my first pictures with the 22 year old, tender student Julia. And then we decided to go to me to get everything ready. German Scout Julia Juice could really get going there.

When I got there, we took more pictures. And the mood became more and more relaxed. So easy that at some point she just got my best piece out and started to suck. Of course I wanted more and after I was in her tight pussy, I wanted to deflower her. The first time she should experience anal with me. And so I put it deep and bare in her tight butt hole, where I then also discharged. Absolute madness that you can now see in German Scout Julia Juice.

Video from October 24th, 2021

Length: 48:34