German Scout Bella Diana

Today there is something for you from the capital. After my last trip abroad, I wanted to be comfortable this Saturday. So I decided to take a look at Berlin. The weather should be good and I had nothing in mind. So I prepared everything on Friday. This is how I spruced myself and my apartment up. You never know where you will end up afterwards if it works. The next day I was up around 9 a.m. And after a hearty breakfast and a shower, we went outside. So I was well prepared for German Scout Bella Diana.

Of course, I also had my camera and some money with me. So I was prepared for everything and it was incredibly warm. At least for the last weekend in October. I was in extremely good spirits and snuck through Berlin for a good 2 hours. But it just hailed away. The excuses got more and more creative. It never got past 5 minutes of conversation. So first a little break and gather strength before it should work in the afternoon. And it really worked and I was able to do a real casting. German Scout Bella Diana was created that day.

I say you are sitting here in the park in Berlin. After 2 hours without success it should now work and I spoke to her. We got along well and I was able to convince her of my model agency. Diana was only 19 years old, but with perfect curves. And her open manner promised more. So after a few pictures on the spot, we went straight to her. There German Scout Bella Diana was able to go all out.

And once there it became more and more relaxed. After she put on a sexy outfit and I was allowed to take pictures, one thing came to another. So she just got my best piece out. And after deep blows I could enter her curves bare. So we did it without hesitation until I pasted her whole face. And you can now see it in German Scout Bella Diana.

Video from November 3rd, 2021

Length: 47:06