German Scout Sharlotte

As it should be, there is a new video for you again this week. I was in Prague on the weekend for 3 days last week. And there I already had success with one shoot on the second day. But there was still a day left. And so I wanted to use it on my last day. And this time I was lucky too. Because time was a bit short, I decided to set the alarm very early. So I got up at 8 a.m. on this Sunday. Quickly freshened up, then a nice breakfast. And the apartment still had to be tidied up a little after yesterday's shoot. Because it was pretty wild there and the new lady who might be coming should have a good feeling. And so I was in good spirits for German Scout Sharlotte here in Prague.

I had the camera charged overnight and I also had some money. So I was ready to go and was already on the streets of Prague by 10 a.m. Of course I tried not to let the time pressure show. So I put on a smile and spoke to the right women. So I talked to about 10 women who came across my way until 12 noon. But apart from a few pictures on the spot, unfortunately nothing more happened. But I should be lucky in the early afternoon. And German Scout Sharlotte was born here in Prague.

At a distance I noticed her on the street here in Prague. Long legs, short skirt, tattoos and long black hair. I just had to speak to her. And this time I was lucky and was able to convince her of a model casting. It should of course be for her inclusion in my agency. But of course it was always the hope that more would happen. And after I was able to persuade her to come into my apartment, I was in good spirits. And that's where German Scout Sharlotte really got going.

Once there, we made a short interview and some more pictures. And it didn't take long before it was loose enough for me to hint. The answer from her was that she got my thing right out of it. And after she had made him really horny hard I was allowed to poke bare and later come in her mouth. And you can now see it in German Scout Sharlotte.

Video from November 19, 2021

Length: 50:59