German Scout Zuzu

Today there is another new video for you! And, like the last videos, it has it all. This time I was able to shoot with a real 25 year old model. Of course, you rarely have a real professional at modeling. But that always has advantages and disadvantages. Of course it was easier to get her to do a shoot for my modeling agency. But what was to come after that and what my actual goal was, was more difficult. After all, she knows exactly how a normal shoot works. Or am I completely wrong and the models are used to it. Used to be the head of the agency at one point or another. Or they are on the move so much that they are happy for a distraction. No matter what exactly the reason was, but I was happy to make myself available for all reasons. And so it could come to German Scout Zuzu.

Of course I like to tell you from the beginning. So I was once again in one of my favorite cities. Not just in terms of culture and food, of course. No, Prague was high on my list because of the great women. And so I have come here for the last few times. And so it should be this time too. And after checking in at the apartment, wonderful weather was waiting for me at noon. Unbelievable how the summer came back again. And of course he shouldn't be the only one who was allowed to come today. And so I was on the road in time and tried my luck. There were really a lot of people on the streets and also great women. I spoke to many, but unfortunately shouldn't have any luck. But then I started talking to her. And German Scout Zuzu was ready to go.

I saw her in short hot pants here in the park in Prague and tried my luck straight away. When I told about my model agency and that I would like her to be there, she was immediately hooked. I was dealing with a real model here. And so I soon went to my apartment for the interview and more pictures. It was there that German Scout Zuzu entered the hot phase.

When I got there, it became more and more relaxed. And after the scantily clad pictures were through, it went very quickly. She knelt in front of me and unpacked my best piece. After blowing damp I was allowed to stick it bare. And admire the slim body with the round ass. In the end I just couldn't hold it anymore and had to come on her bottom. You can now see an incredible video called German Scout Zuzu.

Video from December 1st, 2021

Length: 54:49