German Scout Mimi

As at the end of every week, there is something new again today. Because what would a week be without a new video from the German Scout. Right, it would be a wasted week. Well, I don't want to exaggerate, but as we all know, a little fun has to be. From my last trip in Hungary, to be more precise Budapest, I brought more with me. Of course, I mean more than just a video. Because I was there for 3 days and was lucky and got a shot on the first day. And I'm not going to lay me on the lazy skin for 2 days, but it went straight on. I also made a lot of plans for the second day. And so German Scout Mimi was born.

My second day here in Budapest started after breakfast. After cleaning up the mess from the last casting, I headed straight out the door. Of course, the camera with a full battery and some pocket money was also included. The weather was also on my side and there were a lot of people on the streets. That's how I got into conversation with the first women. But a few nice words and a few pictures on the spot didn't do it. Several hours passed like this. But I was relaxed, because every casting is a casting won, I thought to myself. And so I didn't give up. And was finally rewarded with German Scout Mimi.

I saw the 23-year-old blonde Mimi from Finland right near the promenade here in Budapest. After a few harsh rebuffs, I dared to do it again with her. And after initial hesitation, we got talking. This is how I was able to convince her of my agency for models. And after a few pictures we decided to go straight to me. There German Scout Mimi could then go to the fullest.

Bei mir angekommen machten wir den Fragebogen. Danach wurden die Bilder immer freizügiger. Und bald stand sie im Body vor mir. Schnell merkte sie meine Reaktion im Zentrum. Nachdem sie das mit einem Lächeln und Griff nach vorne quittierte kam eins zum anderen. Und so durfte ich ohne Kondom einfahren nach einem geilen Blowjob. Und so benutzen wir die ganze Wohnung für unseren Spaß. Mit dem massigen finale direkt in ihr Gesicht. Und du kannst es jetzt in German Scout Mimi sehen.

Video from 02/10/2022

Length: 49:21