German Scout Maria

Matching the rainy and stormy weekend there is something for you again. Something that hopefully doesn't just warm your heart. So stay home in this weather and watch this instead. Last weekend was free again for me. And of course I wanted to use it again. It shouldn't just be some sun, but also a new shoot. And so the destination of the trip was quickly found out. Unfortunately, Barcelona was not so spontaneous in terms of the budget. But Budapest in Hungary should fit. It was then planned to be there from Thursday evening to Sunday. And so the flight was booked quickly. So German Scout Maria could start.

Arriving in Budapest, we went straight to the apartment booked on the Internet. Fit perfectly for what I had in mind. Just redecorate a little and set up the light. Should also look a little professional. And it did after I was done. Now only under the shower, money and camera packed. And then it could go out onto the streets. The weather was really perfect. In contrast to rainy Germany, it was sunny here and the air was pleasantly warm. So I had good hope that it could work with a shoot. The first conversations with chic women were quite good, but it never came to the right casting. But that's not the end of the world. And so I could warm up and be ready when it started. And it should start soon. And so it could come to German Scout Maria.

After about 90 minutes here in Budapest and many attempts, I got into conversation with the little 21-year-old Maria. I told her about my agency. And of course I wanted her there and I just needed a few pictures. After a little back and forth, she agreed. And so, after a few photos on the spot, we were already on our way to me. That wasn't really a problem. And so German Scout Maria could really get going.

When I got there, there were pictures in underwear. And she complied so voluntarily that she suddenly stood almost naked in front of me. Of course I didn't allow myself to be asked twice. And so one thing led to another and I was allowed to put it in bare. Before and in between she spoiled my best piece with her mouth. Before I squirt my cream in her sweet face. And you can now see it in German Scout Maria.

Video from 02/17/2022

Length: 60:46