German Scout Ria Red

Sometimes the good things are so close. And that's why I don't always have to wander into the distance. And so I decided that day to try it on the doorstep. So it should happen today in the German capital Berlin. Or at least I was hoping something would happen here. But I was in good spirits and had even reserved a hotel room. If it doesn't work out, I'd just relax. But I really didn't feel like relaxing. And so the motivation was very high. After accepting the room and setting up a makeshift set, I quickly freshened up. It was early Friday afternoon and the sun was shining. Even when it was cold, I was in good spirits. And German Scout Ria Red could start.

I tried it right here near the hotel. It was a university, a park and a lot of shops here. Something should work, I thought. And there were really a lot of people on the road. The easing of the corona measures probably had an effect. And so I got a lot for the eye, even if most of them were thickly packed. But I started my first conversations straight away. It was really an advantage to be able to speak German. Unfortunately, it is a lot harder to persuade a woman to do a model casting here. I noticed that quickly and so in most cases I got a rebuff. But then I finally got lucky. And German Scout Ria Red could really get going.

After getting several pick-ups here in Berlin, I finally got lucky. I struck up a conversation with a red-haired student from the capital. After a short time I was able to convince her of my model agency. And she was ready to take pictures right away. These pictures already had it all. Since it was cold we went to hotel rooms. I could hardly believe it. But German Scout Ria Red was true.

Once there, there were pictures in underwear. And folks, you don't believe that. A gorgeous body, slim, with tattoos and red hair. And then she was super relaxed and we always got close. Until I was finally allowed to play with her clitoris. After an intense orgasm, she returned the favor. And I was allowed to fuck the horny slut really nicely. You can now see all of this in German Scout Ria Red.

Video from 03/06/2022

Length: 54:12