German Scout Jolee

Today there is another real highlight for you. No casting in the classic sense but a second meeting. That was something special for me. A lot of the women I filmed with first went into the industry. Many of them are also very successful. But one lady in particular stuck in my mind. I met her a good 4 years ago at the university in Berlin. A super great figure and a charisma to melt away. I was able to persuade her to do a casting and the shoot was really great. That was her beginning and after that she became an absolute star in the industry. She became known as Jolee Love in Germany and worldwide. But about a year ago she took a break from filming. And then she contacted me 3 weeks ago. And German Scout Jolee could start.

She still had my number from back then and asked if I was still shooting. She would like to start again. But not on a super professional level on the big set. But first on a small scale. With a man she trusts and with whom she can just have fun. And you should be able to see this real fun in front of the camera. I didn't have to think long and of course I was hooked. And so German Scout Jolee could start.

After Jolee Love contacted me, she wanted to start filming again. After a year's break with her, we arranged to meet in Berlin. We just wanted to have fun together after 4 years. And capture that for you on camera. Nothing played but real horniness. And so I was at the hotel on time and we went straight up to the room. There, German Scout Jolee could really get going.

Arrived in the room she put on sexy lingerie. Her bust size was new and even bigger and I couldn't wait long. Directly she made my best piece hard. And it started really dirty right away. And after she has squirted several times, I discharged myself on the horny mouse. And you can now see it in German Scout Jolee.

Video from 03/13/2022

Length: 62:52