German Scout Giada

First of all I have to apologize for the delay. Normally you are used to a video coming at the end of the week. But this time it was unfortunately late. But often the things that need a little longer are the better ones. At least that's what I heard. And this video definitely has the potential to be among the best. Because this woman is an absolute dream for everyone who likes slim women. And if you like it a little more unusual. Maybe you even like tattoos and red hair, then this is exactly your video. This time I wasn't far away for this video either. There are more tourists on the road again. The weather was good and I just wanted to try it. And so it could come to German Scout Giada.

So after I got everything ready, I went straight to the shower. It was Friday noon and the weather gave me hope. Warm and the sun was shining. If it didn't work out with a shoot, at least I had a lot of skin to see. So I was in good spirits and grabbed my camera. I immediately made the area unsafe and spoke to the first women. But unfortunately without success at the beginning. But at least that's how I became more and more relaxed. And was ready if the right one should be there. And that's how it happened and the right one was sitting on a park bench. So German Scout Giada could really get going.

I saw this slim red-haired tourist sitting here in the park. Of course, I immediately took my chance and spoke to her. I was able to win them over from pictures for my fashion agency faster than ever before. I was really surprised. After a few pictures we were already sitting with me. She talked about vacation and that she lives in Italy. But of course I only wanted one thing. So I made an effort to make it looser and looser. And I succeeded. So German Scout Giada was finally able to go.

At some point she was almost completely wearing nothing and that's how I got my chance. I kept getting closer and soon she was grabbing my best piece. One thing quickly led to another. And after admiring her tattoos while she sucked, I stuck it in. Super tight and really kinky would describe it best. Really cool and you can now see it in German Scout Giada.

Video from 03/21/2022

Length: 51:39