German Scout Olivia Sparkle

Unfortunately, you had to wait two weeks until I got back to you. I have to apologize for that. But I was really busy. So I didn't get to watch here in Berlin. Nor did I get to fly abroad over the weekend. But now I had made up my mind that it should be so far. I took the weekend off. A short trip abroad was planned. And it again became the capital of Hungary. To be more precise, there should be a trip to Budapest. I wanted to be there from Friday to Sunday. The weather report for the days was ok. Not a highlight, but so that I can be on the go. And so German Scout Olivia Sparkle could come.

After I had clarified the flight and the accommodation online, I went to the airport on Friday morning. So I was in Budapest right around noon. The weather really wasn't great. But at least it was dry. And you can take off your thick clothes when it's warm. So I was confident that it should work. After I was in the room I freshened up a bit. And I quickly set up a bit of light, etc., and wanted to go straight out onto the street. Of course I did that right away. And German Scout Olivia Sparkle was able to start.

I sneaked through the streets of Budapest and had little luck at first. But then I struck up a conversation with 18-year-old Olivia. Super small and fit and in a jogging suit she stood in front of me. At least she seemed relaxed right away. And so I was able to quickly inspire her with a few pictures for my model agency. Very soon after that we were in my hotel room. There, German Scout Olivia Sparkle could really get going.

Once there, she quickly stood in front of me in black stockings. She was definitely super small and cute. And she knew what is proper. So she took my cock deep in her mouth after a few minutes. Then I was allowed to put it in bare and fuck it really horny. Of course there was the charge right in the face. And you can now see it in German Scout Olivia Sparkle.

Video from 05/13/2023

Running time: 54:24