German Scout Julia North

Hello my dear German Scout fans. I hope you started the weekend well. If so, I have something for you here. And if not, I have something for you. There's another new video with a mature sex bomb. I met them in Berlin last weekend. But it's best I tell you from the beginning. Unfortunately I didn't really have much time last weekend. Despite this, I wanted to try my luck again. I only had Saturday left and traveling was not possible. So I had to make do with Berlin. The weather wasn't good and my hopes weren't high. But I wanted to try it anyway. So I cleaned up my apartment and planned to be out and about in time on Saturday. And then it could happen to German Scout Julia North.

I was up early on Saturday morning. After breakfast, I was out and about in Berlin from 11 a.m. I chose Marzahn because it is close to me. The weather really wasn't good. Very wet and cold and there were few women out and about. I was on the road for almost 3 hours. Spoke to one or the other, but nothing more. The spark just wouldn't fly. At some point I was on the verge of giving up. But then I was lucky. And German Scout Julia North was ready to go.

After a good 3 hours of searching here in Berlin, I was successful. I started talking to a mature Ukrainian woman. She quickly relaxed and took a few pictures with me. But I think she realized pretty quickly what I actually wanted. But it didn't seem to bother her. We immediately decided to go to my apartment. There German Scout Julia North was able to really get started.

When I arrived she soon stood in front of me in a leather skirt. A woman who knows what she wants, I thought. And so it happened. She took out my best piece and sucked it really deeply. Then she even licked my asshole before I punched it bare. She let herself be taken really dirty and hard. She wanted every centimeter deep inside and then got my cream on her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Julia North.

Video from January 20, 2024

Duration: 60:11

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