German Scout Lady Fiina

I wish you a nice last day of the work week. To get the weekend off to a good start, there's something new this week too. A video from your German Scout. I was allowed to shoot with a 38-year-old Swiss woman. And the video will definitely warm your blood. But I'll tell you from the beginning how German Scout Lady Fiina came about.

Last Saturday I wanted to try my luck again in Berlin. I decided to do it completely spontaneously. Because the weather was quite good. Cold, as befits January, but dry. The sun was shining and so I wanted to dare. I decided to take a little stroll through the parks here in the capital. At least I would have had something from the day if I came away empty-handed. So I took the camera with me and then turned it round by round. Talked here and there. But I wasn't successful in the first few hours, but I didn't want to give up. And then I was lucky and German Scout Lady Fiina was able to start.

After a lot of time and conversations here in Berlin, luck struck. I started talking to the 38-year-old Fiina. A tattoo model from Switzerland who has a job here. She stopped jogging and let me take my first pictures of her. It worked great and the figure was really awesome from what I could see. After a bit of small talk, I convinced her to come with me. I wanted to take sexy pictures for the folder there. And she agreed and so German Scout Lady Fiina was able to go.

When she arrived at my place she chose green underwear. And it suited her perfectly and the tattoos really drove me wild. She noticed that relatively quickly and simply pulled my pants down. It's crazy that she took my thing straight into her mouth and sucked it. Then I put it in bare and she knew what men want. So she rode me like crazy right after my asshole. I couldn't stand it for long, so I cummed all over her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Lady Fiina.

Video from January 26, 2024

Running time: 60:47

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