German Scout Cora Love

There is another new video from your German Scout. You didn't have to wait long. Because having a new video every week is working quite well at the moment. That makes me at least somewhat satisfied. I also hope that you always get new videos. By the way, I recommend the German Scout fan club on Faphouse. You can see all the videos in full length there. There are also many pictures and much more there. But now let me tell you about the current shoot. Because German Scout Cora Love is really worth it.

I stayed in a hotel in Stuttgart for a weekend. I was visiting a friend there and wanted to relax for a few days. Of course I still had the camera with me. You never know what will happen. And of course I want to be prepared. The weather was ok in Stuttgart, as it should be in January. And I didn't have any pressure, so I relaxed first. One evening I was traveling directly to Stuttgart. Unfortunately I didn't have any luck there. But sometimes happiness lies at your feet. You just have to see it and pick it up. And just like that we have arrived at German Scout Cora Love.

On the first day here in Stuttgart at the hotel, I noticed an employee. She was working at the bar and we got into a bit of a conversation. But I wanted to try my luck. So I just talked to her after work. A casual chat and I was able to convince her to take a few photos. The fact that this took place directly in the hotel didn't bother her. Now German Scout Cora Love was ready to go.

After the first pictures she was soon naked in front of me. Not only her freckles but everything else was perfect. She became more and more relaxed and soon she was taking my thing in her mouth. After I made her squirt, I smelled it clean. She had several violent orgasms and went off like a suppository. I was also allowed in her tight ass. And so what had to happen came and I sprayed her in the face. And you can see it now in German Scout Cora Love.

Video from February 3rd, 2024

Length: 59:32

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