German Scout Mina Knight

First of all, I wish you a good start into the weekend. And now I would like to tell you about my latest video. Last weekend I wanted to try my luck back home again. So I planned to travel to Berlin. I had set aside Saturday for this. So the place was cleaned up a bit and the camera was loaded. So I was ready for the next day. What I didn't expect was that it was bitterly cold and snowing. But that shouldn't stop me from trying my luck. And German Scout Mina Knight was ready to go.

So we packed up everything in the morning and off we went. There were very few people on the street. To be honest, that didn't surprise me. Many people stay at home in this weather. But this can also have advantages, namely that you can speak calmly. You just have to start a conversation first. But I kept trying and started talking to one or the other. But apart from a few pictures, nothing else came out. The German Scout Mina Knight should start immediately.

After about two hours here in Berlin I got lucky. I started talking to a mature red-haired woman. She was very relaxed right away and so I was able to tell her about my modeling agency. After taking a few pictures on the spot, it was too cold. So we decided to go to my place to do more there. When she arrived at my place, she soon stood in front of me in black underwear. Very sexy with the red hair and of course I wanted more. And now German Scout Mina Knight was ready to go.

At some point she was so relaxed that she offered to make a video for me. Of course I didn't say no and she got on her knees. After she had spoiled my best piece, I stuck it in bare. First I took her in doggy and turned her to me as I needed. In between she took my cock really deep into her mouth. And so it went on and on until at some point I squirted in her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Mina Knight.

Video from February 10, 2024

Length: 64:58

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