German Scout Kathy Deep

It's time late this Friday evening. It's time to provide you with a new video. Of course, the German Scout didn't put his feet up. The weather was wet and cold, as is normal for February. But I still wanted to try my luck. However, this time I would also go looking in Berlin. That happened last week with the redhead Mina Knight worked great. So hope was definitely high. So my plan for Saturday was set. I wanted to shoot something no matter what. And so German Scout Kathy Deep was able to start.

So last Saturday I planned to be out and about. That's why I had of course tidied everything up the evening before. The camera was also loaded and the light was already on. So I was able to go straight to the door in the capital. Of course, only after a good breakfast and a shower. But then I was on the road from about 1 p.m. Before, it rained all the time and I didn't want to put myself through that. The weather was still cold, but at least dry. I struck up a conversation with a few ladies, but I got nowhere. But then German Scout Kathy Deep finally started.

After 2 hours here on this cold day in Berlin I met the curvy mature woman Kathy. She was 39 years old and despite the thick jacket I could see her curves and huge bust straight away. So I told her about my agency and so on. She somehow didn't take it seriously, but came along anyway. Looking back, I think she wanted the same thing as me. Now German Scout Kathy Deep was ready to go.

When she arrived at my place, she soon stood in front of me in black underwear. My first guess was wrong. Super feminine figure and real boobs that were huge. She quickly got straight to the point and grabbed my cock. After a hot blowjob and titty fuck, I went straight to Rubenfrau. I stuck it in blank and fucked her all over my living room. Her tits were really shaking and I soon sprayed her hard. And you can see it now in German Scout Kathy Deep.

Video from February 17, 2024

Length: 59:52

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