German Scout Luna Thurman

It's Friday and in most cases that means something. Namely that there is another new video from the German Scout for you. And that's how it should be this week too. I think you will also like this video. A mature slim redhead woman from France. So something different and that's good in most cases. But first I'll tell you from the beginning how it came about. I wanted to be out and about in my city again this week. I've already been lucky here in Berlin in the last few weeks. And I was lucky this week too. And that's how German Scout Luna Thurman came about.

Last Saturday I was out and about again here in Berlin. Of course, I cleaned up the apartment beforehand and prepared everything. I wandered from one place to another, but I had no luck. There was nothing there except for a few words. So I took a break and walked through the city again in the early evening. The weather was wet and cold and I had little hope. But better than sitting in front of the TV. So I crept around here almost in the dark. And finally I was lucky and German Scout Luna Thurman set off.

After almost 2 hours on this Saturday evening here in Berlin it started. I started talking to the 32-year-old Luna from France. Super slim and red hair, that's what I really wanted. I was quickly able to convince her to come with me given the bad weather. When she arrived at my place, she quickly stood in front of me in a transparent bodysuit. And German Scout Luna Thurman was ready to go.

I took more pictures and she started playing with her pussy. Then one thing led to another and she sucked my cock. When I was ready to go, I stuck it bare into her tight hole. She loved being taken a little harder. I was happy to fulfill her wish and fucked her thoroughly. After several positions and an orgasm from her, I cummed all over her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Luna Thurman.

Video from February 23, 2024

Length: 52:07

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