German Scout LydiaMaus96

I wish you a good start to the first weekend in March. There's a new video for you for the weekend. Things are really going really well at the moment. But often it is also the luck of the hardworking. Because I'm often on the road for a really long time and sometimes two days a week. But there is always a reward for me. And that's how it was this time too, but it's best I tell you from the beginning. And now I'll tell you how German Scout LydiaMaus96 came about.

Last weekend I decided to visit Berlin again. There are currently many students and holidaymakers in the capital. If you know the right corners, you can quickly start a conversation. Of course, not everyone can be persuaded to take photos straight away, but the chances are there. So I planned to be out and about from midday on Saturday. The weather promised no rain. That was enough for me for February. So I quickly cleaned up the apartment and got everything ready to go. The next morning I was here straight from 12 o'clock. It was cold but dry. So I started talking to a few women between 18 and 40. But I wasn't lucky. Until German Scout LydiaMaus96 came along.

At around 3 p.m. I started talking to a 27-year-old lady from Kiel. She really had something of a Latina about her complexion and round ass. But she was a real Northern Lights. After an interview and a few pictures we went to me. There she soon stood in front of me in transparent underwear. Great tattoo and a great ass, everything was just right. And now German Scout LydiaMaus96 could go.

She skillfully played with her charms and soon had my best piece in her mouth. She sucked it thoroughly and let me stick the hard pipe in it. From behind she was a real feast for the eyes and she could ride incredibly. She took it out again and again to suck it deeply. Finally she licked my asshole and massaged my prostate. I couldn't help it anymore and sprayed her in the face. And you can see it now in German Scout LydiaMaus96.

Video from March 1st, 2024

Duration: 55:35

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