German Scout Lana Lenani

I hope you got through International Women's Day well yesterday. In some federal states it was even a public holiday. This was also the case here in Berlin and I was able to start the day calmly. One should constantly honor and make women happy. Not just on this one day of the year. And with this intention I am constantly on the move for you. And it worked again this week. So I can show you another new casting. But this time not from the capital Berlin, but from a short trip. But I'll tell you from the beginning. Because that's how German Scout Lana Lenani started.

Having a few days off, I decided to take a short trip. Get out again. Even though things worked well here in Berlin the last few times. This weekend we just needed a change of scenery. And so I decided to fly to Hungary. To be more precise, it should go to Budapest. I have searched there many times and have always been successful. The flight and the hotel there were quickly booked. I went to the airport straight away on Friday morning and was already at my hotel by midday. The weather was good although not very warm. I quickly prepared the room and ventured to the door. I also quickly got into conversation with a few women, but nothing more. But then German Scout Lana Lenani went off.

After less than 2 hours here in Budapest I met her. A 24 year old, super slim woman with long black hair. I told her about myself and she was quickly convinced. After taking a few pictures on the spot, I quickly went to the hotel. She soon stood there in front of me in red lingerie. She had very long legs and was really delicate and of course I wanted more. After a few nude pictures I quickly played with her pussy. And German Scout Lana Lenani was ready to go.

She went straight to her knees and thanked him intensively for it. Then I was allowed to put it in without a condom. Really nice and tight and she went along really well. A casting the way I like it and so I took it as I wanted it. After I took them from behind on a stool, my eggs cooked straight away. She got into position and I was allowed to squirt everything in her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Lana Lenani.

Video from March 9, 2024

Running time: 66:57

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