German Scout Dilara

First of all, as always, I wish you a good start into the weekend. As usual, there will be a new video this weekend. Because your German Scout was busy again. After being abroad last week, it was supposed to stay here this week. The weather is getting better and better. So I had good hopes for a little tour in Berlin. I took my time and the apartment was quickly brought into shape. Still charging the camera and setting up the lights. So everything was ready for the next day. I had chosen Saturday for my search. And so German Scout Dilara was able to set off.

On Saturday morning I was out and about from 11am. The camera was always with me and I tried my luck. The weather was right and there were a few women out and about. Lots of pretty women and I often gathered my courage. I spoke to at least 20 women and even started conversations with a few. I also took pictures with a woman. But unfortunately I couldn't convince her to do more. But it had been the first 3 hours and I was still in good spirits. Now German Scout Dilara set off.

After a good 3 hours here in Berlin I was lucky. I started talking to a sweet 18-year-old girl from Stuttgart. Her parents were Dominican, so her complexion was very exciting. I was able to convince her quickly with a few pictures. Then we went straight to my apartment. She wasn't shy; on the contrary, she was a bit cheeky, but I really liked that. And German Scout Dilara entered the hot phase.

When I arrived she soon stood in front of me in black suspenders. And she was really perfect and I put all my eggs in one basket and grabbed her. She smiled straight away and took my best piece in her mouth. Then I was allowed to enter her tight hole. And she seemed to like it because with a violent roll of her eyes she squirted violently. After that I continued straight away and came on her little pussy. And you can see it now in German Scout Dilara.

Video from March 15, 2024

Length: 47:57