German Scout Mia Minou

Hello my dears, I wish you a good start into the new weekend. Unfortunately the new video is a day late. I usually try to bring this to you on Friday. Unfortunately, I'm currently renovating my apartment, so I don't have the time. But the plan is to then present you new videos in a fresh environment. The women should also feel comfortable during a shoot. So that's my priority right now. Nevertheless, I managed to shoot a new video for you. And now I'll tell you how German Scout Mia Minou came about.

Last week I was visiting a friend in Munich. I only tried it once in Munich 4 years ago. At that time I could go there German Scout Charly turn, so I was in good spirits that it could work now. Unfortunately, the circumstances were not perfect. The weather was dry but fresh. Unfortunately I couldn't film in his apartment, but I could use a hotel. So on Saturday I went through Munich and the surrounding area and tried my luck. It was really hard and tedious and I tried everything. And then German Scout Mia Minou finally set off.

After many unsuccessful conversations here in Munich, I finally got lucky. I started talking to a German influencer and online gamer. She was relatively relaxed and I was able to convince her with a few pictures. We talked and I talked about my agency. She quickly agreed and we went straight to her house. When we got there we wanted to take more pictures. And of course I wanted more. Now German Scout Mia Minou was ready to go.

I think she noticed that quickly and soon she was playing around with herself. After she noticed my bulge she went straight to her knees and sucked. Now I couldn't help myself and pushed myself really deep and hard. Her thick pussy lips held my thing really tight. And after she licked my asshole, I cummed on her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Mia Minou.

Video from March 23, 2024

Length: 58:09

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