German Scout Vivi Vallentine

There is another new video from your German Scout. And that turned out to be something really good again. So you shouldn't miss this. But first of all, I wish you a nice start to the weekend. I hope you can enjoy the first warm days. Spring is slowly becoming more and more apparent and it's my time. There are more women out and about again and the weather invites you to linger. So my plan was set again. I wanted to make the most of the sunny days and be out and about. This time I had contact with a friend from Frankfurt. And German Scout Vivi Vallentine was ready to go.

My friend invited me to visit him in Frankfurt. Of course I really wanted to go poaching in a new area. So I quickly booked accommodation online and packed up all my things. We took the train directly to Hesse on Friday morning. When I got there I had a perfect room and all I had to do was set up the lights. The camera was ready to go and after a good hour and a shower I was at the door. The weather was really perfect and there were lots of women out and about. And now German Scout Vivi Vallentine could start.

After two hours here in Frankfurt I was more than lucky. I spoke to a 25-year-old doctor's assistant at the bus stop. At first she was very skeptical, but soon relaxed. And so I was able to convince her with the first pictures and persuade her to do the casting. Soon we were at my hotel and she was standing in front of me in see-through underwear. An absolute dream body with big tits, but otherwise super slim. Now German Scout Vivi Vallentine could really get started.

I started to finger her, which she responded with deep blowjobs. After sucking, I licked her until she had a violent orgasm. Then I stuck it bare into her tight hole and it was wonderful. She got off really well and squirted heavily while fucking. After that it went on and on and after a hot doggy style I came violently in her mouth. And you can see it now in German Scout Vivi Vallentine.

Video from April 13, 2024

Length: 56:31

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