German Scout Dolly Dyson

I wish you a good start into the first weekend of April. I hope you survived the time change well. So it always takes me a few days to get over it again. Therefore, in my opinion, this should finally be abolished. But enough about my private worries, now let's move on to the pleasant things. Namely a new video for you every week that you shouldn't miss. This time I shot in the south of Germany. To be precise, I was in Karlsruhe and tried my luck there. But I'll tell you from the beginning. And that's how the German Scout Dolly Dyson video came about.

A friend invited me to Karlsruhe for two days. He wanted to show me the city and of course I didn't say no. Of course I had the camera and my light with me again. Since I couldn't film with him, but wanted to, I rented an apartment online. It all went really easily and I was in Karlsruhe shortly after lunch on Friday. A really beautiful city, but of course I wasn't looking for monuments because I wanted to get a twist out of this trip. So I went quickly and spoke to a few women. In addition, the weather was good and things went relatively quickly. And that's how German Scout Dolly Dyson came about.

After just a few unsuccessful flirts here in Karlsruhe, I ended up with one redheaded Fashion student in conversation. She was relaxed and the saying on her shirt really gave me hope. I was quickly able to convince her with a few pictures and she showed interest. So I invited her over to take some sexy pictures. She agreed straight away and I was in good spirits. And now German Scout Dolly Dyson could really get going.

When she got to me, she took off as a matter of course and I was allowed to play around with her. She quickly took my thing all the way down her throat. Her shirt didn't promise too much and she really went at it hard. She squirted violently several times, let herself be fucked and licked my asshole. Soon I couldn't take it anymore at the hot sight. While riding I felt it and she masturbated every last drop. And you can see it now in German Scout Dolly Dyson.

Video from April 6th, 2024

Running time: 47:28

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