German Scout Maria Gail

To mark the start of the weekend there is another new video from the German Scout. The weather is supposed to get worse again in the next few days. So a new film is perfect for a rainy afternoon. But you should definitely watch it even when the sun is shining. Since the weather was even better last week, I wanted to try my luck here. So to be more precise in Berlin, on the doorstep. But since I'm currently renovating my apartment, the conditions weren't the best. But after I put some building materials aside, I was in good spirits. So German Scout Maria Gail was able to go.

Now that my apartment was presentable. At least I wanted to go so that a potential filming partner wouldn't run away again straight away. I loaded the camera and started straight away after a shower. It was around 12 p.m. and the sun was shining in Berlin. The temperature was almost 20 degrees and there were many people on the streets. So I was in really good spirits and often got into conversation. And German Scout Maria Gail started off.

After a good 90 minutes here in Berlin and a bit of small talk, I was successful. I started talking to the 22-year-old Maria Gail. Born in Poland but living here in Berlin. Super cool outfit with pink hair and it was really easy for me to persuade her. Her pictures on the spot convinced her to take a few more pictures and she followed me over. That's where German Scout Maria Gail was able to really get started.

When she arrived at my place, she soon stood in front of me in pink underwear. And quickly one thing led to another and she pulled my pants down. Deep and wet she sucked my best piece. She also pampered my asshole with her tongue before I stuck it bare. Immediately afterwards she stuck my thing in her butt and let it hit hard. Shortly afterwards it was over and I sprayed my load on my face. And you can see it now in German Scout Maria Gail.

Video from April 19, 2024

Running time: 62:53

Watch the free 12-minute preview with Maria Gail here