German Scout Mina Moreno

Hello my dears, I have good news for you. This week you don't have to wait until the weekend. The latest video from your German Scout is coming out today. I got through the week well and why wait when I can do it now. This video comes from a short trip to Spain. To be precise, I was in Barcelona for two days, which is super easy from Berlin. This way you can get there quickly and try your luck. And so the plan was quickly made and the flight and room were booked. And German Scout Mina Moreno was ready to go.

After landing in Barcelona, I was immediately convinced that something would happen here. The weather was great and there were lots of people on the streets. There was also a small celebration here. In any case, many streets were decorated and people were in a good mood. But now I had to go to the hotel and prepare my room. This was done relatively quickly and the light was perfect. Now all I had to do was take a quick shower and I was out and about by midday. The camera always ready to start. I approached the first few women, but had no luck. But I became more and more relaxed. Now German Scout Mina Moreno could start.

After 2 hours here in Barcelona I started talking to the slim Mina. A real Spanish woman with a big bust and a super sweet nature. Communication wasn't easy, but I was able to convince her. So I was allowed to take the first pictures on site and asked if she would come with me. She agreed and soon we were in my hotel room. German Scout Mina Moreno was able to really get going there.

Once there she became more and more relaxed and was soon standing in front of me in a pink bodysuit. Now I could see that her tits were natural. Really horny and she noticed that too and brought my hand to her pussy. Immediately afterwards she sucked my piece and I was allowed in. Really nice and tight in the doggy and while riding and I couldn't stand it for long. I came really hard on her boobs. And you can see it now in German Scout Mina Moreno.

Video from April 25, 2024

Running time: 39:11

Watch the free 12-minute trailer here