German Scout Daruma Rai

A day late, there's a new video for you today. I planned a short vacation to Malta yesterday. Of course I would also like to search for you there. And finding a hotel and flight took a while. That's how this delay happened, but now it's finally here. There is a new video for you today directly from Berlin. I was there this week and was lucky. And German Scout Daruma Rai was able to start.

Because of the beautiful sunny weather, I wanted to try my luck in Berlin. Unfortunately, I'm still busy renovating my apartment. But I've got everything right enough so that if I'm lucky there won't be any shock. So I had already finished that and the camera loaded quickly. By midday I had a fresh shower and was in a good mood and hopeful. The weather was perfect and I was on the streets of the capital from 12:30 p.m. There were a lot of people out and about and I immediately started talking to the women. Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck at the beginning, but I became more and more relaxed. So I was ready if it came right. And she came and German Scout Daruma Rai was able to go.

After a good 2 hours here in Berlin, I started talking to a 24-year-old Russian woman. She was here on holiday from university and I was able to quickly convince her. I took pictures of her directly and was able to look under her dress every now and then. That definitely promised that something could happen. Afterwards I invited her to my apartment. Pictures in underwear were planned there. Now German Scout Daruma Rai could be messed up.

Once there, she soon stood in front of me in black, transparent underwear. She became more and more relaxed and after a wink she went to her knees. She sucked deeply and wetly and then sat on it straight away without a condom. Her hole was really tight and she knew how to handle it. So I was really allowed to let off steam with her. And at the end the cream was put directly into her sweet face and mouth. And you can see it now in German Scout Daruma Rai.

Video from May 4th, 2024

Running time: 51:14

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