German Scout Alexa Swizz

A day late, a new video is finally here. The weather in Berlin yesterday was just too good. So I decided to sit at the PC today and write this post. I apologize, but I think it was worth the wait. There is a new video with a 24-year-old Swiss woman. Blonde long hair, super slim and for a short trip in Berlin. She or I got lucky there and we met. But I want to tell you from the beginning. And that's how it was with the German Scout Alexa Swizz Casting.

This Friday I wanted to take advantage of the great weather in Berlin. The weather report in the evening promised a lot and so the plan was made. I'm still renovating my apartment. But a friend of mine let me use his living room. So I could film there if I was lucky. And so it happened that on Friday I was in a different part of the city than usual. But that was really exciting again. And because of the weather there were a lot of women out and about. I got into conversation with a few, but unfortunately not anymore. And then German Scout Alexa Swizz finally started.

After 2 hours here in Berlin in the best weather, I started talking to a 24-year-old Swiss woman. Her name was Alexa and she was in the capital for a short vacation. Really a great figure and a great smile. So I did everything I could to get her to take a few photos. And I succeeded and after taking pictures on site, she followed me into my apartment. There we took pictures in underwear and I could see her big natural tits. Now German Scout Alexa Swizz could start.

Shortly after, she was really relaxed and just got on her knees. Alexa pushed it deep down her throat and then I was allowed in. She liked it a little harder and her boobs jiggled really hot during sex. She got so horny that she squirted violently. The cream slowly rose up for me too and I masturbated so hard all over her! And you can see it now in German Scout Alexa Swizz.

Video from May 11, 2024

Running time: 64:22 minutes

Watch the free 12-minute trailer here