German Scout Caramella Del X

I hope you got off to a good start to the Pentecost weekend. First of all, I would like to wish you a happy Pentecost before we get to the exciting part. And it's really something special, because there's a new video. By now you're used to being treated to a new film every week. And that's how it should be again today, even if a day too late. Yesterday I enjoyed the beautiful weather here in Berlin, but now the time has come. Since last week was really all sunshine in the capital, I wanted to stay here. I thought to myself that the chances of getting into conversation with a woman were good. And German Scout Caramella Del X was ready to go.

So the plan was made and I had to prepare the apartment. I still live in a construction site. But I was celebrating a birthday and just left the balloons behind. That should loosen the atmosphere, I thought. And so after breakfast and a shower I was on my way straight away. Of course I had the camera with me again and explored Berlin. The weather was perfect and there were lots of women out and about. The first small talk happened quickly. But nothing more came of the sixth small talk. But then German Scout Caramella Del X was able to start.

After a good 3 hours in the best weather here in Berlin, I started talking to a slim beautician. She was German, even if she looked a bit Latina. Super sweet and straight forward, I was able to convince her of a casting. After the first pictures on site we decided to go to my place to continue. Once there, she quickly stood in front of me in red underwear. The body was really perfect. And so I was really looking forward to German Scout Caramella Del X.

She mentioned that she had applied to dating formats and was very easy going. That was my cue and she immediately took the first step. Unwrapped my cock and blew it really hard. Really deep into her throat and then she pushed it into her tight hole without a condom. This is what happens everywhere and I always had her little ass in mind. And soon I couldn't take it anymore and squirted everything into her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Caramella Del X.

Video from May 18, 2024

Length: 61:58

Watch the 12-minute trailer with Caramella Del X here