German Scout Amy Amor

I wish you all a nice and peaceful Good Friday. It's a quiet holiday, but I still couldn't resist the temptation. Namely to upload a new video for you. I'm ashamed to admit that it's an older video. I shot it in Barcelona in 2021 but then forgot about it. Since I shot 3 videos in those 2 days, it somehow got lost. But the video hasn't gotten any worse, it's actually a highlight. And now you can finally watch it in full. And now to the German Scout Amy Amor story.

I was in for 2 full days Barcelona and it went really very well. On the first day I was able to do two castings and was really happy. But on the second day I just wanted to try my luck again. So I cleaned the apartment again and loaded the camera. So everything was ready and the day could be super relaxed. So there was a relaxed breakfast right in front of your door. The weather was great and there were lots of women out and about again. And so I started talking to one or the other. I was also able to take pictures, but nothing more came of it. But then German Scout Amy Amor was able to go.

After a few rounds here in Barcelona I saw a Latina with a great ass in front of me. Of course, I immediately took a chance and started talking to her. She was relaxed even when communication was difficult. Despite this, I was able to persuade her to take more pictures with me in the hotel. Once there, she soon stood in front of me in sexy underwear. I immediately loved the big natural tits and the round bottom. And German Scout Amy Amor was ready to go.

After a few pictures, without asking, she simply pulled out her big tits and winked at me. I knew straight away what the hour had come and got my act together. She sucked straight away and had my best piece inserted straight into her. I was able to take it really well and the boobs wiggled nicely. At some point I couldn't hold it anymore and sprayed my load all over her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Amy Amor.

Video from March 29, 2024

Length: 50:16

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